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15 June 2006 @ 04:22 pm
This time 30 new icons!!!

[10] CSI NY
[15] House (I'm a new House addict! ;)  )
[5] Amanda Seyfried (in House)


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* I LOVE comments! Feedback (positive and negative) is very welcome!
* Do not hotlink!
* PLEASE! Do not edit my icons! I don't make bases!
* Credit sweety_icons please! If you don't know how, it's explained in the userinfo!

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booky_iconer: Clemencebooky_iconer on June 15th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)
Top 5:
#8 - I love the style of the icon (#13 is nearly the same but the text is a tad bit squashed in my opinion)
#9 - I particularly like the bright colouring and the use of the brush makes the text more visible.
#25 - Great use of text here! Suits the icon just perfectly hehe :D
#1 - Love the colouring. Simple but lovely colouring (same goes for #2 coz it looks like the same colouring though I might be mistaken)
#19 - Again simple icon but lovely nevertheless. Is that a white brush you used? It suits the icon wonderfully. Blends in well...

Other comments(hope this is ok): I quite like #7 but the text doesn't show that much. Maybe if you try using white or some other light colour?
This is just personal preference I guess but I thought I'd shove it in anyways. :) Be careful when using the sharpening tool on lips/eyes etc. as it might make the effect slightly excessive. Like her eyes in #20 seem a tad bit too much sparkly. Perhaps you could try colouring over them with the paintbrush in a new layer and setting it to something like Color...
And this my personal opinion once again but I don't think the white texture/brush thingy you used in #16 quite suits the icon that much. It seems detached from the base.

Sorry if I seemed kind of negative, I don't mean to be seen as such. Your icons truly are lovely :D (+ go go House and CSI! tee hee)
Sunny: House House and Cameron loveamato_sole on June 15th, 2006 07:05 pm (UTC)
I really do appreciate constructive criticism!! Thank you so much that you took the time to write so much!!
In icon #7 I just didn't want to make the white brush that much visible. I tried it, but it just didn't look right. ;)
And in 20 I did exactly what you told me, but I wanted to have these bright blue eyes. I just like the over-sharpened eyes/lips in the "just face" icons... But I don't use it that often, because sometimes it looks strange.
I will definitely use some of your tips in my next icons!
And that was exactly what I made this community for!!