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top5fandomicons's Journal

Top 5 fandom icons
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This community is all about fandom. No matter what fandom, all icons can be posted here.

You can vote in comments for your top 5 of the icons users have posted.


1) This is an icon community. Please post icons only, and if you have some additional graphics post a link to your journal.
2) You can only post once a week, and between 10 and 30 icons.
3) ALL icons must be LJ standard, 100x100px and not more than 40Kb.
4) Please post maximal 4 teasers, and use a lj-cut for the rest. If you don’t know how, look here: HERE
5) Do not post friends-locked. This community is public!
6) You can find the application post here: APPLICATION
7) Please apply with the subject line ‘All about fandom’
8) Do not spam or advertise in this community! You can post a link to your journal when you post your icons, but do not only post advertisement or spam! After 2 warnings you will be deleted!
9) When you post your icons, please add a 'Now vote for your top 5 of these icons' to your post.
10) Best would be posting with this form:

All credits for header and userinfo banners can be found in:

Application post text was taken from goodhpicons



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Feel free to contact us any time.